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Welcome to 2018... setting goals and artistic challenges

Like any start to the year I do my usual scan of magazine articles and creative planning strategies, then store the information in my head ready to make actions.

In every one of these articles the thing that jumps out is the need to have an overarching plan and then take small steps to achieve them. For me, I take steps, follow my gut instinct and know that I'm the driving force behind my own life. While I might not have a massive grand plan, I know what makes me happy!

So, delving into upcoming opportunities, assessing possible artist residency options and creating a work-flow plan are my main actions right now. Getting organised, re-evaluating previous applications, researching new ideas, taking note of future art exhibitions and buying new materials. Its all about getting straight, both mentally and physically. Being prepared is the key.
'Be bold or go home' One of my key aims for this year is to be more ambitious. I want to create work that pushes my abilities in terms…

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