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The presence of landscape transformed by technology & art

Inspired by the mosslands dotted in and around the Warrington area, Haecceity, a new exhibition from Tracy Hill captures the beautiful essence of these forgotten places. Combining technological methods using commercial mapping equipment she then exports and applies the data from 360 degree scans to create artistic renditions of this multi-layered visual data.

If that's not enough she has also collaborated with Leon Hardman at UCLAN (University of Central Lancs) to create four sound-based ink screenprints. This is really impressive as it meant as I walked in front of the print I just had to lightly touch the artwork to hear recorded sounds from local nature reserve Risley Moss. Hill wanted to conceive a multi-sensory experience so visitors could imagine the actual terrain she's visited to create her landscape drawings.

Formed between 10-15,000 years ago during the last ice age these now-hidden mosslands have witnessed many changes such as flooding and peat extraction, so they …

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