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Nasty Woman Wigan put on a dazzling show

A short but infinitely sweet show put on by Cross Street Arts to celebrate the diverse and explosive brilliance of women, Nasty Women Wigan featured a hotter than hot selection of artists raising money for two local charities who support women.

Originally #NastyWomen provoked online feminist solidarity galvanising hundreds of thousands women across the world when Donald Trump muttered those eternal words at Hilary Clinton during a live presidential debate... "Such a nasty woman."

Striking a cord with all women at such an outrageous statement. Subsequent #NastyWomen exhibitions fired up everywhere and its open submission process focused on the solidarity of women coming together. Co-director of the movement Jessamyn Fiore sees the art exhibitions as a demonstration of "the power of our collective strength and determination and creativity and compassion. We will not tolerate any move backwards in time in terms of the policies that affect my body, my health, my quality of…

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